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    Swami Dharma Sumiran

    The Master of Advaita Vedanta tradition, he had learned from Kamal and Indian Masters.
    For 1,5 years had traveled around monasteries, ashrams and temples of India and Nepal.

    During a later time he has numerously gone on pilgrimage to sacred places - anscient temples, monasteries, mosques and Sufi dergas - of Turkey, Egypt and Thailand.

    Swami Dharma Sumiran is an instructor and umpire of the Regional WUSHU federation of Voronezh city, silver medallist of the Russian WUSHU championship of 1990, silver medallist of the first WUSHU championship of USSR of 1990.

    Sumiran graduated Voronezh State University, nuclear physics faculty, as well as Voronezh Teacher's Training University, psychological faculty.